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Led Note Board

Led Note Board

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Creative Led Night Light USB/Battery

Light up anything that comes to mind on the Led Note Board! Use the erasable markers provided to write a note on the plexiglass and then turn it on by tapping the power button. 

How to use:

1. Unbox your note board by peeling of the protective wrapper from the plexiglass.

2. Use the markers to write whatever you like on the board. 1 white marker is provided by standard, however you can purchase extra colored markers if you want to take your notes to the next level.

3. Place the plexiglass gently onto the white base.

4. Add 3 AA batteries inside or connect to a USB device.

5. Tap the power button to light, tap again to change colors, long press to turn off.


1. To erase what you wrote, use a soft cloth and rub very gently to clean the board. Applying water to the soft cloth is recommended so that you avoid scratching the plexiglass. Get our extra soft micro fiber cloth to do that!

2. Do Not touch the plexiglass with your fingers as you will add dirt and ruin your drawing, touch only from the outer edges. 


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